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Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration systems installation, maintenance, and repair are the responsibilities of an HVAC technician. While HVAC technicians work in different environments, they may set up, install, repair, and maintain the heat ventilation and air conditioning systems of industrial, plant, commercial, and residential buildings. The Institute for HVAC Technology provides trainees with a… Continue reading HVAC

Plant AC

3 Months Plant AC Technician Course Fee: 20500 Fee: 19500 A plant AC technician instals, maintains, and repairs HVAC and refrigeration systems. A plant AC specialist can work in any industrial, factory, commercial, or residential structure to set up, install, repair, and maintain the HVAC system. The Institute for Plant AC Technicians offers two-month training… Continue reading Plant AC

Window/Split AC

AC Technician Course is a highly significant sector of building HVAC service that is in high demand all over the world. AC Technician Course is available online. The following should be implemented in a manner consistent with its intended use: The fundamental concepts of the HVAC system, understanding of the components of an ac system… Continue reading Window/Split AC